Router tightness

Total newbie here - just assembled the Shapeoko Pro (my first cnc). Is the router suppose to be tight enough that I can’t pull it out? There was no grub screw included in the box and I’ve tightened the screws to the point I’m afraid of stripping them, but I can still pull the router out. I’ve searched the board, YouTube and the Carbide3D site with no clear answer. I’m about to pull my hair out!

And there isn’t a grubscrew already in the mount, between the clamping bolts?
I think it was already there when I put mine together.
grub screw

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No sir. No grub screw in the bracket either. Do you tighten yours down to the point the router cannot be pulled out?

The grub screw is only used if need be to open up the mount so as to admit the router as noted in the instructions.

Properly tightened, the mount should hold the router securely so that it will not move.

Could you send a photo showing the difficulty you are having in to ?

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The unasked question, Which trim router are you using?

I need to send a video. I can pull the router straight up out of the bracket. I’ve been hesitant to really crank on the screws as I saw a YouTube video warning about stripping out the screws.

The carbide compact router.

Wonder if you accidentally received a 69mm mount.

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Yeah, that is the question of the hour, which is why I asked that a photo be sent in to


Still shot of the video I sent my husband when asking him if it was suppose to lift out. Not a good angle - I can take a pic tomorrow when I go back down to the shop.

Update: photos are here because they were requested.
My original question was: Does the router tighten down in the bracket so that I can’t remove it without loosing off the screws?
The answer is yes.
The problem was me not tightening the screws enough.
The reason was I was too cautious and not enough hand strength.
The fix was my husband.
Thank you all for weighing in on my issue.


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