Router with ER11 collet

Just saw an announcement about this from OpenBuilds.

Looks like a Makita clone (like the carbide 3d router), but with an ER11 collet. Even comes with 1/8" and 1/4" collets, plus some metric ones.

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Er16 would have been nice


I got the same email and I looked at it. It is a 1 hp router, a little less than Makita and Dewalt. The er11 collet with 4 sizes included would cover most practical bits we would use, 1/4, 1/8, 3mm and 6mm. For $150.00 us but is available for 110v and 220v for same price.

I would consider this for a new machine but I have a Dewalt with multiple eclair collets so personally I would get a new Dewalt.

Seems like Carbide3d competitors are not sitting still. Good for we consumers to have a lot of choices.

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