Run boundary command

A useful command to add to CM would be [run boundary], which could give the user the opportunity to test their files without actually cutting them or doing any damage to clamps or any other work-holding methods. The command, when invoked by the user, would run the GCode as written (for as long as the user let it run) but it would be run at the maximum Z axis height.

In this way, the user could check on the movements of the spindle/tool and would see the file being run so that they would know that nothing would be in the way of the cutting tool. It would, of necessity, need to be an option rather than an implemented norm. Users who were comfortable with their CNC skills would soon find a check (such as this one) that was imposed upon their workflow; to be tedious.


To extend this idea a little further…

This is something that CM should be able to do ‘virtually’ also, after you have zeroed and when you hit Start. It knows the limits of the machine and could pre-run a software-only simulation and warn of any boundaries would be theoretically transgressed.

It could also draw a picture of your CNC bed and plot out the spindle movement ahead of time so you have a visual confirmation of what’s about to happen, a little like a built in ncviewer.


Love that idea! Seconded by me :+1:

That would be a great addition. Being able to check the actual toolpaths instead of seeing a drawn representation would be the cat’s whiskers.