Runaway During Jogging

Long time UGS user here, but moving over to CM after purchasing Bitsetter. I’m using the latest version of CM, have grbl1.1 and I know everything is functioning fine when using any other gcode sender. When I open CM, everything homes fine. When I go to jog the machine over to the Bitsetter to configure the position, the machine just takes off in the positive X and Y directions without stopping. Again, machine works fine with other senders, and seems that this issue is just related to CM. Any thoughts?

Make sure you select right machine type (like XXL)
In settings when running CM

Correct, checked that and it’s set up correctly. Thank you.

How are you doing that? Are you saying you click a Jog arrow and it just goes off to the back corner?

Correct, i’m just trying to hit a button and jog. Nothing specific to the Bitsetter per se, just trying to jog. Thinking that it was an issue with the button click, I’ve tried keyboard shortcuts to jog to the same effect. If I’ve got time tonight, I’ll post a video to show.

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Please do…sounds weird.

Links to GRBL Panel working fine and CM (Build 428) sending X and Y into runaway.

Please excuse the mess…have been knocking out a ton a side projects and cleaning hasn’t been first priority!

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That’s honestly kind of funny.
Carbide Motion (weirdly? I’m sure there is a reason, but why not just use a G91?) uses a jog command that uses absolute machine position. I suspect that, combined with your custom config (home front left) is causing an issue.
Copy and paste the log output when you hit that jog command, and it should be clear what’s going on.


I believe your suspicion has been confirmed. I used G91 commands last evening and got it to behave differently…but still moving X/Y simultaneously, just not to infinity. I changed $23 from 3 to standard 0 and things now seem to work fine. I’ve utilized $23=3 forever, so this will be a bit of a change for my work flows, work offsets, etc.

Carbide3D, if you’re listening…want to add this to your bug list?

@neilferreri - THANK YOU!

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We assume that the Nomad and Shapeoko are configured with settings sent from Carbide Motion. Changing items like the speeds and steps/mm are no problem but we don’t support different homing locations.

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@robgrz Curious about using G53 for jogs. I’m sure there’s a reason. What is the advantage to jogging that way?

Fair enough and thanks for the response. Now I know!

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