Running a Bitrunner V2 Deluxe with a VFD Spindle

I recently purchased a 5 Pro and purchased the
VFD Spindle and also a Bitrunner V2 Deluxe.
Am I able to run both of these on the 5 Pro? Thank you.

No, bitrunner you’d use with a router. The VFD will control the spindle.

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Thanks for the help. I will quit trying to figure it out then.

At a guess you wanted to use the BitRunner to control a vacuum?

Instead, use a current-sensing device to turn the vacuum on/off when the spindle is running:


A key feature that I like is that it has a delay on start up and on shut down. Nice.

  1. turning both off at the same time “may” create a higher EMI spike.
  2. turning both on at the same time “may” create a higher startup surge current.
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