Running A Job With Carbide Motion

Apologies in advance for what I’m sure are stupid questions. After running a few hello world tests and getting not perfect but decent results with my new pro xl, I’d like to move on to running some tests with actual material. The tutorial for hello world has you clearing all offsets, jogging machine to the bottom left of the material and then zeroing all. Do I want to follow these same steps? I have the bottom left set as my start point for the gcode i made up in carbide create. Also, what is best practice if I would like to run multiple tests from the same loaded gcode file? Does the machine need to be zeroed again each time i run the job? Thanks!

You shouldn’t need to clear all offsets — see:

For running multiple jobs, the origin once set is persistent, so no need to re-zero again.

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You can repeat jobs without zeroing if you put your material in the same place each time. If you have larger and then smaller projects placed in different places you need to rezero x y and z each time. You could use an L bracket to put material in the same place each time if you are using lower left as origin.

For v carvings I like to use the center as my origin so the carving is centered on the material.

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Thanks for the info.