Running Air and IPA Lines with 80mm Spindle - No room in drag chain

I want to add air assist and IPA to my S05 with the 2.2Kw Water-cooled spindle. With the spindle cable + water lines, there is no room for the air and IPA lines in the drag chain.

How are others accomplishing this? I thought about running them with my dust collection, suspended from the ceiling with a bungee cord, but was hoping for a cleaner way of doing it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Assuming you are using the standard tubing - it will all fit in the left drag chain.

Air and coolant fluide lines need to be 6mm OD - no greater.


@Luke - yes, I’m using the standard lines that came with the spindle and the air line I ordered is, I believe the same size as the water lines. I ordered the same items Kevin suggested in the video on adding air blast to the S05, but in the video he was using the 65mm spindle and having installed the spindle with the spindle cord and two water lines, the drag chain seemed pretty jam packed. I’ll pop them open again and see if I can get it all to fit.

I don’t think 8mm will fit - 6mm should though.

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Could you strap the lines alongside to the drag chain?

I’ve done that sometimes for cabling I couldn’t fit or didn’t want to take the time to fit into the drag chain.

I ran my spindle cord down the right side chain with the motor harness, and I have the coolant lines in the left chain.

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