Running cabling out of my enclosure - need some help

I am into the final stretch of getting my enclosure completed after having to completely abandon the original design and redesign it, plus my back going out… Anyways I ran into a snag, I need to run wires from the inside to the outside of the enclosure and I don’t want to have an open hole where dust can blow out of the hole.

My idea is to bore out a hole on the vertical back panel of my enclosure, but I need like a plastic port with a flange that I can use to secure this port in this hole with screws and the port would have a rubber gasket that the wires could pass through. Does something like this exist ? or anyone know how I could make something like this without it looking awful ?

I have spent hours searching the internet and haven’t come up with anything.

I think the magic word is “grommet”.

For example:


Thank You, thats what I was looking for.

And a little bit of silicone to seal

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I always try to plan for maintenance. In this case how easy will it be to replace those cables if the need arises. Silicone can be useful but also extremely frustrating. Use accordingly.


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