Running carbide motion

Completely new to this wonderful world of CNC! I have a Mac desktop that I would be creating the file on Carbide create. Then from there I am wondering if I would be able to run it from a Windows based tablet? I’m not very tech savvy and apologize if this was covered already but any search I did yielded no results for what I was looking for.

Yes, so long as the tablet meets the system requirements:

One wrinkle for tablets is some of them only have a single USB port used for both power and communication — you’ll need an adapter which supports both for such.

List of known working machines at:

Biased towards tablets since I like them, and feel that a sealed, fanless unit is well-suited to a shop environment

I agree I don’t really want a laptop sucking up dust from the router. I don’t have to do anything special to the file once I save it for I? And thanks for the reply. This community is awesome!!!

Once you’ve made the G-Code file, it should be good to go. All you have to do is:

  • transfer the file to the controlling machine (make sure it’s put somewhere w/ read/write access)
  • launch Carbide Motion
  • connect to the machine
  • home the machine
  • jog the machine to the origin relative to the stock and set the zero appropriately (must match the file — also be sure the file had Safety height set so as to clear any clamps, but not so high that it will bottom out at the top of the machine)
  • load the file
  • send it
  • enjoy the show!

Please see:

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I tried with an older microsoft surface with 2 gigs or ram that I already had(yes below system requirements, but had to try), and it was a little to laggy when cutting, had to stop a cut because the tape i was using for hold down released, and it took almost 15 seconds before the command went through. I am personally just going to pick up a fanless mini pc and mount a touch screen monitor beside the machine. Won’t cost much more than a tablet, and can get a lot more bang for the buck with a larger viewing area on the screen. At the same time, there are a lot of times I’ll be standing at the machine and something small pops in my head that i wanna cut, its nice having something with enough power to at least pull up a cad program, make a quick drawing and just send it straight to carbide motion and cut.


I use a “Kangaroo PC”. They’re fanless, pretty small, and can be found pretty cheap (they’re getting kind of dated).


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