Running CM via ~2008 Powerbook successfully?

I just got my Nomad. Trying to run from my 2008 Mac Powerbook, CM 4 latest build, El Capitan clean install. CM recognizes the machine but hangs interminably, “Please wait…”, trying to home. The Nomad seems to work fine with my desktop but cannot stay in the office.

The Powerbook has 2GB ram, I didn’t think the 4GB minimum applied here, from some forum perusing, but maybe I’m wrong?

Unfortunately, some models of MacBook just don’t work — it might be the case with this one — other things to check include whether or no your account is added to the dialout group and if there’s any other USB software installed (National Instruments is one name which has been known to cause problems).

@WillAdams Not sure what you mean by “account added to the dialout group”.
Think upgrading to 4MB RAM will help?

Dialout is a group in Unix which is the accounts which are allowed to use external serial communications — on some machines it’s necessary to add the current user to that group so as to allow access to serial devices:

I doubt adding memory would help — the system should be able to page in more if needed, and it’s not like the apps are that large w/ that much of a memory footprint.

Not likely either of these are an issue. I would try plugging it into a powered hub, plugged into the powerbook. If that doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas.


Bingo! I had noted in a missive to Mike Wilkinson at support that a powered hub was used on my successful desktop test. But I didn’t think to try it on the Powerbook. I mean the hub is only connected to the computer on the input side, no connection to external power. This would imply that the native USB port on the computer is supplying the juice. Why it wouldn’t act “powered” on its own is a mystery to me. A mystery that may not even need solving!

Thanks @mikep