Running multiple Shapeoko's with the same PC

Has anyone got any experience in running 2 (or more) copies of Motion with the same PC? I’m currently thinking about having 2 virtualbox hosts, and trying to map a certain USB port to each one.

If not I could always buy an other PC! Thanks guys.

Yes, this can be done, but it’s not supported, since it seems pretty random which USB port is connected to what instance of Carbide Motion — not sure how the virtual machine would affect that.

If you only have room for one PC, my recommendation would be to get a pair of Raspberry Pis:

and then control each w/ a suitable virtual / remote app.

CM remembers the last machine config used. So if both are the same model ok but if you have an xxl and xl you have to send config on each initalization. The exception is if you used the xxl last and this time you using the xxl you dont need to send config. However if last us was xxl and this time xl you must send config.

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