Running with broken v-wheel

Hey guys, I was doing some jobs yesterday and was wondering why I was getting more chatter than usual, and why my z-axis v-wheel was getting loosened so quickly. It turns out that one of my Y-axis wheels is broken (the back left wheel). About 1/3 of the wheel is missing, so it’s not always making full contact with the rail, depending on where the Y-axis currently is. Surprisingly I was still able to get through my job, and was pretty happy with the result, though the vibrations did get more intense when the machine was moving in a particular direction.

I’ve already contacted support, and they are going to send me a replacement wheel, which is awesome. My question is, do you guys think I should avoid using the machine until I can get that replaced? Again, I was able to get through my job yesterday, but I don’t want to push through if this risks damaging the machine at all or throwing it out of whack. At the same time, it’s really hard keeping myself away from it.

Has this happened to any of you? Were you able to continue working, or did you decide to wait until you got the part replaced?

vibrations run the risk of loosening all kinds of bolts throughout…
… so if you keep running (well and you already did to some degree) worth going around with the little wrenches to check all the bolts quickly for still being tight

If it were me, and if I really HAD to keep going for some reason, I would probably remove the broken wheel completely, and run on three wheels. And dial down my depth per pass.

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If it was @Julien, he’d 3d print a temporary replacement.
Shapeoko 3 V wheel by pdozer - Thingiverse


After I got my XXL I ordered the “Shapeoko Maintenance Kit”. The kit used to be $99.00 and is now $79.00. I live way out in the country and have to mail order everything. Even if you like in a big city you would still need to order and have parts shipped. I need to fix my machine when it breaks so I got the kit as a precaution. I have used two V-wheels and am glad I ordered the kit.


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