S Pro Z height retract before cut

Just upgraded from S3XL to S PRO-XXL.
Still just playing around with no live cutter using known files used many times with the S3.
The first thing I noticed is the Z retracts all the way up to the top, actually causing the red light on the limit switch to come on, before continuing on the toolpath. It’ doesn’t seem to be a problem as it continues into the desired toolpath with no interruption but is it really necessary to climb so high every time? The retract height (Fusion360) is at 12mm and the cam software is UGS. Anyone else notice this, have any thoughts…?

What do you have the Safety/Retract Height set to in your CAD/CAM file?

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Retract height = 5mm from Model Top
Clearance height = 7mm from Retract Height

This is basically the default for every TP I use.

What post processor?
You probably have G28 If there’s an option with your post, disable G28. If there’s no option, use a different post processor.

I use the Carbide 3d post processor in Fusion.
The code it generates sends the machine to G28 at the end of the toolpath. It would have no effect on the start of the toolpath.

Post your file and gcode. There are a lot of experts on here that will help if they have more information.

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Unless it’s also at the start of the toolpath.
Are you sure there’s no G28 G91 Z0?

This would cause the exact issue you’re describing if you never changed your G28 location.

Did you send the machine configuration data in the settings screen?

It is there, my apologies for doubting you.
Can I safely edit it out? I already delete T1 M6 for every file I generate.

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I see it now, I didn’t realize this is what Will is referring to.
The Post Process module allows changing Safe Retracts from G28 to Clearance Height.
Thanks guys, I’m learning. :+1:

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Yes, just make sure your Z is clear of clamps and the like when you start.
Better, just change the setting when you post. I’m not near a PC, but I just looked at the post processor and it gives you the option of G28 or Clearance height. Choose clearance height.

There’s a “Write Tools” option as well.

I use my own post processor, but I can get you screenshots of what you’re looking for in the morning if you need them. Unless one of those European guys is up early.


I now see that you found it. I’m not sure Will is a Fusion user, but you’ll have a retract height and a clearance height in almost every CAM program. The option when you post process in Fusion only affects the initial and final moves.

Ok I like where this is going…
If I change the Write Tool List option from yes to no I won’t have to edit the code manually?

Sorry, Write Tools just adds a comment with the tools listed.
On my post processor, I have an couple options you might like.

This seems worthy of a look.
What are all the Pros? Any Cons…?

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