S03: stock aluminium spindle mount doesn't fit DWP611

I spent the weekend assembling my new Shapeoko 3. I bought the DeWalt DWP611 Trim Router, as suggested by Carbide3D. However, when I try to insert the spindle into the aluminium mount it will not fit. The spindle seems to be about 1mm larger in diameter than the opening on the mount. There is about 2mm of gap for tightening the mount and it doesn’t appear to be malformed. Am I doing something wrong or is there a secret to mounting the router?


There have been a few reports of recent batches of mounts being too tight to fit in easily.

Use some sort of prying tool at the opening to make things fit — shouldn’t take too much force (though you may find it easiest if you put part of the mount in a clamp, then ease in the router.

Thanks Will, I’ll give that a shot tonight.

If you have a shim of sorts you can use that to pry it apart a bit (Remove the screws if you already installed them) Then shim top to bottom.

Just use a Large screwdriver just outside of the screws in the slot on the side of the mounting block to pry it apart just a little. It will slide in easily. Make sure you have the screws loose.

Thanks Everyone, I was able to pry it apart with a large screwdriver and get the spindle in.