S5Pro Bad Proximity Switch?

Hello all!

I just finished putting together my S5 Pro, upon initialization, my spindle goes up, and “bounces” itself off my X axis prox switch. It then stops, and I get an error msg in carbide motion that says my prox switch isn’t working. I tested all the prox switches by putting a allen key infront of them all, and they all light up…
I would replace that switch, but I used my spare already to replace one that was damaged during shipping.
this is my first machine, so i definitely could be doing something wrong. Anyone have any advice?

thx in advance.

Edit, just swapped locations with a different prox switch, no change.

Have you checked the wire connections are done.properly?
Any obstructions on your z axis?
Unplug the unit and manually move the z axis.into a new position.
Are the set screws tight on the z axis and its parts.
Im new as well…some things to check

Checked all connections and then re checked.
I’ve manually moved the z to the lowest it will go, still bounces itself off the stepper motor… horrible sound.

I’ll probably just have to call in the morning :frowning:

Adjust the z axis sensor

I dont have an SO5 but if the proximity switch lights up then you just may need to adjust the switch. I just started using CM 611 and if you go to Settings and the Debug tab you can see when you activate each proximity switch, BitZero and BitSetter. If you are getting the red light then likely your electrical connections are good but if the switch is not close enough to trigger the switch that may be the cause of your problems.

I recently replied to a SO5 question about initialization. The person had a video and it seems that the SO5 tries 3 times to home. At least that what the X and Y does. I suppose the Z does as well. So the repeated bumps may be normal for an SO5. The earlier machines, SO3 and SO4 just hit the proximity switch and stand off a few MM.

The S5 bumps are normal…the noise is related to the sensor. Adjustment can eleviate the issue in my experience. Hopefully

yeah, they all light up…
where did you get CM 611? the site only has CM 582?

It is a beta version. Somewhere on the forum it is linked. Search for Carbide Motion 611.

It’s up to 613 now.
I also checked the logs, all prox sensors are reading properly, so this just got more interesting, hopefully the beta works.

updating it did not work…still having the same issue. cannot find prox sensor withing limits.

thx for your help, i guess I’ll be calling in the morning

Link to Beta

I had already found it last night, didn’t change anything. Thank you though

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Sounds like you’ve got the X axis and the Z axis sensors reserved. When the spindle goes up, that’s the Z moving, and that sensor must be on top.

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Closure: I had a bad wiring harness, sensor switches were reading improper positions.

Thank you all for your time and efforts!

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