Sadly agravated by this machine

I did the wrench exercise rather easily.

I started machining the FACE exercise (tutorial 2) and the machine started vibrating. I e-stoped it and realized that the spindle pulley had gone up the motor shaft and that the belt was skipping. I managed to put the pulley back into place, and tighten the belt. ( I am very mechanically inclined by the way) but now I cannot get the machine back online.

When I press the button on the front. It blinks every 3 second and I hear a zapping noise. The light on the power supply also blinks. My two cents is that we have a short wire somewhere in there.

obviously I can not longer connect the computer and your software to the machine.

I manually moved all axises to make sure the machine was not hitting a limit switch.

the forum does not seem to mention anything on such error. The machine is a sitting duck.

Please advise


Clearly, not the out of box experience anyone wants, Sorry to hear this.

It could be as simple as a bad power supply -

Please email to open a ticket and we can further diagnose the problem.


My guess is that something went wrong in the spindle motor and now the driver board is drawing too much power trying to get it started again. In any case, I’m sure we can get it sorted out quickly.

Like Apollo said, contact and we’ll get it taken care of.


tthanks guys… email has been sent to support group already