Sainsmart cuts at different heights in same GCode

I’m using Cardbide Create to process GCode for a Sainsmart 3018 PROver.

I processed a logo with the Advanced VCarve toolpath. For other reasons not related to the issue, I have to then cut the files in half in order to tool change on my 3018. When I ran the VCarve file it worked just fine but when I ran the pocket file, the left side of the file started cutting about a .5 inch off the original z mark. So the right side of the stock cut okay but the bit never touched the left side of the media.

2X2 BSPCO LOGO (254.2 KB)
This is the raw advanced vcarve file not split, which I used to run the first part of the cut.

Naturally I checked the flatness of the wasteboard and my media, everything is perfectly flat but it still didn’t work any ideas.

Flat is good, but perpendicular to your cutter (tram) is what you need.
If you lower the cutter to a known distance above your stock (use a spacer) on the right side and then jog left, does the distance stay the same?

If so, your may have lost steps in your Z.

How are you managing the tool change? Does this machine have a mechanism for measuring tool length offset and adjusting for it?

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Yes if I jog X and Y, I don’t have any Z differential. What do you mean by “lost steps in your Z”

No it’s all manual, that’s one of the reasons the advanced vcarve doesn’t work. I split the code for the two toolpaths and use the homing feature to try and get an accurate overlay

The Z stepper encounters a force that causes it to skip steps and lose position. Can you take a picture of your carve?

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