Same design in CC and VPro look different - What am I doing wrong?

Key Question: I have designed the exact same thing in Carbide Create and Vcarve Pro and the preview looks completely different. What am I doing wrong?

I created the exact same design in Carbide Create (1st Image) and Ventric Pro (2nd Image) which I am going to carve into MDF

For the purposes of the example I am going to V-Carve the text and robot with a 90-V bit in both designs

FYI - Looking for advice as well on how I loaded this into the tool (First time)

I then set up the toolpaths in Carbide Create and Vcarve Pro

And as you can see the preview is completely different (CC first, VPro second)

Try using an Advanced V carving toolpath in Carbide Create w/ the pocket clearing option — that should more closely approximate the technique Vectric uses.

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I just tried that, and it helped, but it’s still looks very different

you likely want to set the same flat depth in vcarve… or it’l go quite deep


Great advice…just adjusted, but still looks different…is this the usecase for purchasing Ventric (or at least telling my wife, this is why I need to spend more money :grinning:)

Are you sure the difference isn’t just a preview render thing?

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Yes, the algorithms are slightly different — if you feel the difference is worth paying for, you should purchase Vectric.

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