Sample Stock - These showed up today

Being a newbie I’m confused by the the modeling board types Freemen Manufacturing (makers of Renshape) offers. I noticed on their website they offered a $25 (+ a little for shipping) sample pack. It showed up today. Each block is 2x2x4":

There was also a sales brochure for each product line with suggested tooling, speeds, depth of cut, etc. The included DVD looks interesting as the back of the sleeve lists techniques on machining, molds & casting, laminating product line spotlights. Haven’t watched it yet, but will after I catch up on a couple of episodes of GoT and Vikings.

Thought some other newbies might find this offer helpful… The hot sauce and spices in the background was not included.

Oh yeah, forgot it also came with a coupon code for $25 off your next order of $50. I was encouraged they offer some styles in smaller sizes than the half sheets I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere.

+1 on Freeman. I have their sample pack and have bought Renshape in the past, and also use their mold tooling pins and sockets to align model railroad baseboard modules.

Watch out for the green foam. It cuts really well but the dust is grainy and gets everywhere. We used to cut it on our Tormach and it would be on us for days after.


The green, isn’t that the one that has no density. Almost like a florist’s foam.

Hey, so which of their many renshape options is the one that came with the nomad?

I would say it has to be the Renshape 440. The density feels the same and the color is identical.

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Hi @Garyinco, I can confirm it’s the 440. I will also warn against the green polyurethane foam.

That stuff is powdery and will get airborne and get everywhere…including in your lungs. Once it’s in there it’s not coming back out anytime soon. I’ve probably still got some of the yellow light-weight stuff from my undergrad time in the shop when I was too lazy to wear a dust mask.

Thanks UN. The green one is stamped “5025”. It is so lightweight I can’t see any use for it other than a movie prop or a fixture in a model railroad. Same for ones labeled 5030 and 5020. The latter seems lighter than a piece of stale bread. I can easily dig a fingernail into all three. I doubt I would have seen any use for all three. But it’s likely I would have thrown them on the mill to test something. Now I certainly will not. I hate to throw anything away but I can’t think of any possible use for them.