Sanding Letters

Any help on some tool which one can sand v-cut letters in softwood~? Using Cypress, and have raw edges.

Have you tried running the vcarve job a second time? (while the piece is still on the machine)
Sometimes this is enough to clean-up the fuzzies


I use a firm bristle toothbrush to remove the fuzzies.
Or run the part a second time at increased speed.

For actually sanding, I found one of those sanding sponge shaped things to work out okay. But admittedly haven’t done much v-carve stuff.


I use small files to clean up the edges for whatever does not get cleaned up after the CNC has finished. I found a set on Amazon with 5 small miles each with a different profile. Use the small circle and the one that is flat one side and curved on the other.


I use stiff nylon brushes and the sanding sticks if necessary. Search for sanding sticks, available lots of places.


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