Save a C2D on Carbide Create Pro and open in Non-Pro

Is this possible? I purchased Pro recently and still had CC 652 on the laptop that is connected to my SO4. It opened the pro file just fine since it was only a 2D carve but it added a bunch of stuff and/or it didn’t know how to treat a pocket operation and made a mess of the file.
I know i can run the pro license on the laptop connected to the machine but I still have the question. What if I want to share the file to a non pro user? Thanks.

For v7, if you open a file which has a 3D model in it, in the Free edition, the file opens and the 3D model is stripped out.

You can then save as a v6 file and the file opens fine, but you have to re-set all the toolpath depths.

Thank you for your answer. I’m now thinking that wasn’t my problem now. I have what I’m thinking is a basic pocket operation that is acting funny.
I have a 4" circle, and a 2" circle and I wan’t to pocket in between them.

It gives me a broken path with many different paths that aren’t very efficient. I have to be missing something.

If I create a 4.2" outside circle and a 2" inside circle the pocket path looks ok.

What you show happens when the stepover exactly matches the area between geometries — try slightly changing the stepover value — that should allow you to find a value which creates regular toolpaths.

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