Save x/y/z calibration settings

After calibrating the X/Y/Z belts and setting $100/101/102, how can these values be saved so a subsequent power on will set $100/101/102 to the calibrated values instead of the defaults of 40 (see log output excerpt below)? Calibration was done per this:

Output at power on after calibration configuration was saved (defaults):

(567): -> $102=40
(566): <- ok
(565): -> $101=40
(564): <- ok
(563): -> $100=40

Hi @rambo2_981,

the GRBL params ($[whatever]) are saved automatically in the controller’s non volatile memory whenever you type e.g. $101=40.005. They should still be there after a power cycle. Did you type “$$” to display them ?

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I watched the log when the Config is sent after powering on the controller. I saw the defaults of 40 for $100/101/102.

the Config is a one time thing, you don’t need (and shouldn’t) do it after each power up. It should in fact be called “send factory settings” or something, and what it does is indeed (re)setting many GRBL parameters to predefined default values, including $100/101/102, so that’s why you see them coming back to defaults.


Okay, makes sense. Thanks, Julien.

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