Saving toolpaths to new files changes active project file

If I save the toolpaths to a new C2D file, that new file becomes the active project file. Any design changes are saved to this new file.

I did not expect this behavior. I expected that saving toolpaths to a new file would make a copy of the file, and that subsequent changes to the design would be saved by default to the original file.

Invoking 'Save As…" is the correct way to save into a new file and use that file going forward.

This is the action I would expect. For instance if I had a Word document, saved as original, make changes, save as original 2, original would become the working file. Subsequent saves would save to original 2.

I would agree, for Save As. For saving toolpaths, I see this as something different.

I agree. Saving Toolpaths ought to just save the current file, or allow you to save off a copy of the toolpaths without changing the project you’re working on. Otherwise, why have it?

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