Scraped before It starts to cut

I am just using my machine for the first time and after I zero it on the board I am using it goes to the position but as it does it scrapes across the front of my board making a fine little cut. How to eliminate this? I know it is somthing to do with a setting on my z axis. Sorry I have so many questions this is my first dealings with cnc machine and I own a woodworking company where we make decorative door hangers.

If you are using Carbide Create, check the Retract Height in the job setup.

With Carbide Create the tool starts at the model origin x,y and Retract Height z. And then moves to the first cut.

If Retract Height is zero, then it will drag from the origin to the first cut and drag between cuts.

Don’t ask how I know this.


I suspect your knowledge comes from the same place mine does… heh heh :smiley:

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What @pdx_curious said. Generally you want your retract height high enough to clear your work and any workholding you might have in the way.


Thanks guys that is probably what the problem is. I’m loving this machine so far!

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Can you tell me where this is located?

Job Setup (Gear icon) | Machine | Retract Height —

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