Scrolling G-Codes

Good Afternoon;
Are there any pre-existing G-Codes for scrolling? I’ve tried to import some ideas from google, but to no success. I am trying to add some scrolling underneath my “Welcome” signs I’m working on. Thanks to everyone.

There are some designs in Carbide Create:

I did see those, but the wife, Lol, wasn’t too fond of those. We were looking for more of a line scrolling as opposed to the banner type. Thanks so much William!

Provide an image of what you want?

Let me know if you can’t open this.
Thanks so much

There are a number of such designs at:

Alternately, just draw or trace them.

Very nice, I am still trying to get used to this carbide create program. I am already thinking I need something more advanced. Very limited on the free program. Thanks William.

With Carbide Create, there is no way to trace this? Am I correct? This is what we are after. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

Carbide Create doesn’t trace, but you could re-draw.

If you wish to auto-trace you could use a tool such as Inkscape:

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Cant thank you enough, good stuff.

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