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I’m trying to cut small detail pieces similar to the two attached photos. Work shown in images have been laser cut but that isn’t a route I’m looking to go down. Anyone know of a bit that can cut through 1/4 ply with small detail without tearing the wood? Looking for a clean cut.


That’s really a hard one. Depends on the type of wood, the grain of the wood. The type of bit, the sharpness of the bit. The design of that bit. Feeds and speeds. The quality if the ply which these days are mostly crap. You really just need to trial and error it. The laser really is your best choice for something like that.


I’d try a downcut bit and seal the wood generously with shellac first to help prevent splintering if I were in your shoes


I’ve found 2 flute straight bits give me good splinter free cuts in plywood but I haven’t yet found any smaller than 1/8". Only a laser will give you sharp inside corners like in your example pictures.


Compression bit on plywood !!!
Use quality plywood!!
I only use Baltic Birch from Wood crafters website…
Good luck, no really good luck!!!

Also if you seal the plywood first , urethane or ZINSER WOOD Sealer, it prevents any tear out.
If you need to stain after your can you just light sand and stain. you can stain over the sealer especially ZINSER…

Quality ply is Key and the compression bit for plywood
I’ve made cuts just as good and better & smaller with a 0.031” bit on my XL… the 0.032” is installed in this photo & Ive use 0.015” micro bits as well.

Some of the cuts on this were so small the whole thing was done with a 0.031” end-mill
I’ve cut out of Birch a few Aircraft plane profiles with prop arcs almost as this as paper, you can push them and they flex they are so thin
So it is more than possible

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