Second mini project - carving letters into hardwood blocks

Imported a screenshot png of a font I liked into meshcam, and made the black part Z-

Had to play with the feed and plunge rate a little since the first few cuts were howling - I think I now know what it sounds like when the cutter is moving and plunging too fast!

My daughters name:

A closer look at the letter. Not perfect but that’s based on the font since it’s supposed to look like it was painted with a brush

This was in the first day I got the machine! I love this thing!!!

Time to put her to sleep for the night. What a fun day off playing with the nomad!!

Hey Darren-

After you mount the vise to the table, you can remove the alignment pins. In our rush to ship them out, we didn’t have time to put an instruction sheet in with them. (It’s on the never-ending todo list)

It looks like that corner was built for the Nomad.