Segmented Turning and Shapeoko

I am ready to start segmented bowl turning. During the year the Shapeoko has dominated my shop time. I am not abandoning my Shapeoko but intend to incorporate it in the process. In the past I would drill a hole in the bottom and insert a plug. I want to add the vcarve inlay in the bottom of various shapes. I also do scroll sawing and if you cut at 10 or 15 degree angle you can insert contrasting inlay similar to vcarve inlay.

Here are my wedgie sled, wedgies, and some open segment gluing templates. At the top left is a segmented ring stomper. I was refreshing my segmented turninging on yt and found a digital caliper turned to a stop for segment length.


@gdon_2003 - Searching for your YT segmented turning and not finding anything, can you forward a link?

How to make digital gauge from caliper.

If you look at the comments you will see link to the one I made.