Sell my Shapeoko Pro XL

Hello boys,

Is it possible to sell my Shapeoko Pro XL?

  • I’m not using it

I live in the Caribbean Dominican Republic

Usually folks have the best luck selling machines locally through some venue such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace — for machines which need to be shipped, using eBay might work if you’re able to pack it up for shipping.

I just watched the weather a little while ago and saw that the hurricane came close if not over the Dominican Republic. Did you come out ok from the storm?

As far as selling it would likely easier to sell locally. You would need to check with customs there to see if there are any taxes or duties to be paid if shipping off the island.

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I wouldn’t want to sell it for less than 2000 dollars, but people here are not usually interested in this type of CNC. Think about a CO2 Laser or some other larger router that is not belt driven.

I tried to sell it on the Marketplace for a month, but no one is interested. I think that shipping is expensive and it would not be worth it; it seems that it will die at home hahaha