Selling Shapeoko XXL with 2.2KW Spindle

Selling my 2019 Shapeoko XXL after upgrading to a larger CNC. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and willing to drive 70 miles for delivery.

Comes with

  • Shapeoko XXL
  • Shapeoko HDZ Z-Axis
  • 80mm Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot
  • 2.2KW water cooled spindle and plug
  • spindle mount
  • VFD for spindle
  • pump for spindle and water hose
  • directions on how to setup spindle and connect VFD to GRBL board

Send me an email at [EDITED OUT] for details!

(I edited the email address out of the message for privacy concerns, please send a private message to the seller instead)

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