Semi-circular channel

How do I cut a semi-circular channel along the length of a piece of wood. It needs to be exactly a semi-circle because I will glue two halves together so there is a long circular hole lengthwise.
I want to use CC Pro if possible.

Three options:

  • model it in 3D and convert to a pixel image and cut as a texture
  • model in CC Pro and cut as 3D
  • use a ball-nosed endmill and a no-offset toolpath

@helipaddy Do you want the channel to be set at the same depth all around, or do you want it to be sloped? I created a channel around a cutting board (a blood channel) that I wanted to slope diagonally down to a blood-pocket - and used Photoshop to create a shape filled with a black and white gradient - that worked really well.

The gradient is a little hard to see (but that’s what was needed for it to have the right depths when imported into CC Pro)…but here’s an exaggerated view of it:

The exact colors are a hit-and-miss experiment…I was not able to find any documentation or examples by anyone else that mapped shades of gray to depth of cut…so it was trial and error. Ended up looking like this (for the real piece, I had rounded pockets and such…but this was the experiment):


I prefer option 2 but was stuck how to create the 3d shape. I think it is “round” with 90 degree angle but I didn’t understand Height and Base Height. I don’t want to use the bottom of the stock as a reference, I want to use the top so that I know I have exactly a semi-circle.

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