Send to carbide Motion feature

I just noticed when saving a file that it is possible to send a file directly to Carbide Motion.
Is this only if the two programs are on the same machine, or can this be sent over the network?
I assume it needs an IP address.
Does this load directly into Carbide Motion or just to a selected folder on another machine?

My understanding is:

  • same network
  • remote access option needs to be enabled in Carbide Motion
  • Carbide Motion needs to be running
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Yes, Carbide Motion is connected, and Remote access is activated.
I noticed this when I was making a change to a file while CM was up and connected to the CNC.
I clicked OK and it said it was completed successfully.
The next time I did it I looked at where it was being sent and it was the file folder on the same computer as CC I made the update to.
This is why I asked if I needed the IP address of the CM computer. And the file folder on the CM machine.
That being set how do I find that IP address on the CM machine?

Which OS?

Check your network settings on that machine?

As far as I can tell, as long as the two machines are on the same network, CC can “find” CM automagically. The file is transferred to memory on the CM host, not as an actual file in a particular directory.

If CM shows the correct job in it’s interface, I think you’re good to go.

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