Sending C2D file from one computer to another via blue tooth or internet

Hi, is there any way to send my C2d file from one computer to another? Both computers have carbide create and carbide motion installed. Thanks

Can you use the cloud?

The C2D files are just files. So there are many ways to transfer from one computer to another. The easiest is to put the file on google drive and then retrive it on the second computer from there. You can put the files on a usb drive and move the drive to the other computer. There are older methods like FTP and other transport methods that are more secure but there are a lot of ways to move a file from one computer to another. AS @Varty5 suggested the cloud is likely t he easiest.

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There is a feature for this — enable the option for:

Enable Remote Access

under Settings | Options as noted at:

and it should work to have Carbide Create send the file to Carbide Motion over a network — if your network is set up so as to allow Carbide Motion to announce that it can receive the file and Carbide Create can communicate with Carbide Motion so as to send it.

That said, we have folks moving files in all sorts of ways:

  • using a local area network drive (usually an NAS)
  • sending the file using the features in a remote control tool such as VNC
  • placing the file on a flashdrive or card and sneakernetting that around
  • placing the file on a cloud sharing fileservice such as Onedrive
  • e-mailing the file
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I use samba on my pi running CM to create a share that my machine running CC can dump into.

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I use Google Drive to automagically synch the files between my design workstation and my workshop computer. That being said, I’m intrigued by the Remote Access option William referenced above.

BTW, welcome to the community! I think you’ll find a wealth of information and helpful members.

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I use Dropbox.
My design computer is pretty new and nice. I keep it away from the dust etc. In the shop I have an old laptop.

This set up works really well.


With CC v6 I was using OneDrive.
Now with CC v7, it is not working. I now have to go thru Google Drive.

Activated this option in Carbide Motion and was able to send files straight to it from Carbide Create on two separate computers - one PC and one Mac - on the same network. Very slick.

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