Separating tool paths

I’m having difficulties separating tool paths on this sign. I’m using an 1/8” end mill, 90 v, 1/16” spiral tapered end mill. Do I create a tool path for each area with the same bit each time I input the like cutters details? Or, something else?
I’ve tried a bunch of times and end up with 8 tool paths.I’ve tried “grouping”, but it encompasses everything!

Post the file?

You have to have s separate tool path for each tool at a minimum.

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I understand the need to create separate tool paths. My problem is that I’m not sure if I need to group, for instance, the playing card symbols, or tool path each one. If I try to group them, I get part of the “A” in that group.
I’ve created the entire sign and haven’t created the tool paths yet! ??

You can shift-click on geometry to either add it to, or remove it from the current selection — does that help?

How are you trying to cut each of the features?

As Will mentioned. At the very least you should have 3 paths if you are using 3 tools.

Grouping just makes selecting things easier. They don’t have to be grouped. You just need to select everything that applies to a toolpath when you create or update the toolpath.

If part of the “A” is getting selected along with the card symbols, it must be grouped with them, or one of them. Ungroup that group, and then re-group just the symbols, or manually select them.

The easiest thing here is to select the open vectors and group them, allowing them to be selected/de-selected easily. Fortunately, Carbide Create has a specific feature for this:

​But since everything is a single group, you have to start by ungrouping:

Group the vectors:

Now select each set of elements for each toolpath/tool combination:

  • 5 jacks, wood boat repair, 1986 =90 vee bit

  • Jack plane, card symbols, “est.” = (should be) .062 tapered end mill

  • Horizontal lines =.125 end mill .

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