Serial Port Detection Issue: cncjs on Raspberry Pi 3 - Shapeoko 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
CNCjs 1.9.26
GRBL v1.1f
Carbide Motion Board 2.4e

I am having an issue when power cycling the power supply to the carbide motion board for the raspberry pi to detect the serial device over USB.

On a fresh reboot, ttyACM0 appears and I can open the connection and run the machine using CNCjs webpage. But as soon as I turn off the power supply to the carbide motion board and turn it back on, ttyACM0 no longer appears even upon refreshing the available ports.

This does not seem like normal behavior, since when connecting the carbide motion board to my Dell Laptop via USB with local desktop install of cncjs I can cycle power and still pickup the serial port when turning back on without having to reboot the PC.

I confirmed the following:
USB cable is good
Raspberry Pi sees the device (lsusb and dmesg | grep usb)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is not the smoothest workflow having to reboot the raspberry pi over ssh everytime the power supply is shut off for the shapeoko.

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