Series TC5F (The Tomcat)

Does anyone have any experience with Series TC5F (The Tomcat) them?

not really appropriate for the nomad, seems meant for milling steel on larger machines

Thanks dr-g I was just curious I’m trying to learn all i can before i get the nomad 883. Can you point me to the better cutters out there for it

You need to get cutters that have a 1/8" shank as the factory collet on the nomad is 1/8". You can also get an ER11 collet in a 1/4" size which allows you to use larger diameter cutters.

In terms of the best cutters, I’ve had a lot of luck with the cutters that Carbide3d sells in their store, and I’ve also purchased good cutters from a seller on eBay named Drillman1.

Size and end type wise, you should get quite a few:

.125" flat end and ball end
.063" flat and ball
And basically anything in between .03" and .125" that you think you’ll need based on how much detail you want. I’ve tried using very small cutters - .018" - but they break pretty easily.

You also want to get cutters that have 2 or more flutes.

Hope that helps to get you started!

my god i think i’m sending drillman1’s kids to college. it’s endless!

Thanks guys. I will look him up and get some