Servicing Nomad 3 electronics enclosure

Hey, I see a huge build up of wood dust in my Nomad 3 electronics encolsure.
I want to get in there with my vac, but I can’t figure out how to get the sheet metal cover off without bending it.

Was this designed such that the usb port and etc are supposed to be reccessed into the panel? Because they stick a out a bit meaning the only way to get the pannel off is to take off the entire side, which seems wrong.

I’m pretty sure that the sides are the last parts assembled on the Nomads — they’re quite easy to take on/off — check in at if you have any difficulties w/ this.

You may want to look into a dust shoe:

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The trick is that the sides have a large amount of flex to them. Meaning that you only have to undo the top three bolts to get the enclosure lid around the USB port. If you don’t notice this and try to man handle it, very bad things happen.

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