Set/Align on Vertex and Path


Im new to CNC so please excuse my naivety.
I create a lot of small geometries which need to be placed flush against each other, many at different angles. The boolean functions work great helping me to get the geometries to line up perfectly but it would be much faster if I could assign a vertex a letter like “A”. A joining vertex assigned “B” would create a path named “AB”. Each geometry could have similarly named paths, then a function could “Align to Path”

Rotating the geometry has also been helpful, I snap one vertex to its match, then rotate the geometry until it matches the connecting one. But I need to set center first, and every time.

Finally, when Im importing a geometry stored in my STL library, it would be great if I could align it to a geometry in my current project. An example would be if I had several plaques with different inlays. Yes I could create variations each time, but if I could just import, and align, that would give better efficiency for dynamic creation.

Really not that big of a deal… but maybe there are other people out there that see the gain?

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