Set up and GrBL ( alarm 9)

Help please… I normally use my MAC while working with SHapeoko 3 with no issues… today I got a PC and thought he now I use this instead of mac in garage. downloaded carbide motion 6 and tried to set up machine and well after 2 hours I gave up. GRBL 9 homing fail— guess if I have had no issues and the homing switches have been fine up today when I tried a pc — what gives… please someone help me.

Thank you

Can you switch back to the Mac temporarily?

Are you certain you sent the correct configuration?

Please write in to and let us know the specifics and we will do our best to assist.

I am pretty sure I did it correctly, I mean it’s pretty easy. Set up new machine, picked Shape 3xxl, download, the next was initialize. the wizard pretty much did it all. I will say my Mac has carbide motion 5— will that make a difference? Would think so being its two different computers. ummm guess more cursing and another beer eventually.

Did you resolve this? I also have the same issue now. Did using the MAC work? Or did you resolve the PC issue another way?

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