Set Zero by division in CM


New user getting up to speed with CM. I have more experience with manual machines with a DRO. One common feature/practice is to touch off on one side of the work, zero machine, touch off on the other side to get the width of the machine. You then use the math function (div) on DRO to divide total measurement by 2 which gives you the center of the work piece. Doing that twice gives me the center of a rectangle for example. Is there an equivalent in CM? I see people using straight edges which works, but seems like an inferior solution. bCNC has this, you just type /2 into the current coordinate field and press zero and it’s calculated.


No, but I’ve been asking that we should have such features in both Carbide Motion and Create — in particular, Macromedia FreeHand allowed one to do math in measurement fields, w/ proper order of operations, and if desired, one could over-ride that using parentheses. (Mental note, need to see if Serif’s Affinity Designer can do that).

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Affinity designer will do that for stroke width but i’ve never tried it in another field.

Thanks for the reply on CM.

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