Setting up millalyzer for Nomad 3

Hi, because of the many recommendations here for Millalyzer, I went ahead a bought a copy of the dynamic version.

On first use it looks pretty powerful and useful.

Has anyone here setup a full and accurate Nomad 3 machine for it?

I took a look at the edit->machine interface and set the stuff that I understood but there is a bunch of technical stuff that I have no idea how to work out.

It looks like there are some pre-programmed machines under “structure” section for machine setup, including a “Desktop CNC” which sound like it might be a good guess for a Nomad 3

Since there is a “Load” option for machine settings, I’d expect that there might be a setup for Nomad 3 somewhere that I could just load.

I’ve been using a Nomad 883 for about 3 years and would really like to take advantage of Nomad 3 improvements AND get a better idea of what my speed and feed guesses are doing.

Thanks for any help in advance.


I don’t know but @spargeltarzan probably does

Diving a little deeper into the docs for millalyzer, it shows an image of the CAD/FEM/FEA model and it looks remarkably like the Nomad.

It also appears that most of the info is not needed for static analysis only dynamic. I’m just getting started with this and want to make sure I’ve got it setup as accurately / correctly as possible for the Nomad 3

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Hey Dave, I recently picked up millalyzer dynamic as well. Hoping to better understand the forces involved on my Nomad 3 and really optimize my cuts.

Have you had any success with this on your end? Also do you mind if i post updates on my little journey to this thread? (Or would you rather i spin up a separate thread?)