Setting up simple jobs

When you guys face the surface of the spoilboard, or just drill holes here and there, do you make a file in a CAD program for these or do you have simpler tricks?

Yo Spongefile-
For facing a spoil board, or Drilling setup holes, I would create a file, and use the Carbide Motion “Rapid Position” to go to a specific location.
This way you can repeat the job, That’s my approach to most projects.

My simpler trick is doing it in CAD. :slight_smile: If I have laid out something to scale it’s in 2D CAD already. I use an old program called VersaCAD and have written various macros over the years–follow a line series by clicking on one end (I draw the toolpath itself), drill a hole by clicking on a circle or point, peck-drill a hole the same way. My experience before the Nomad has been with Mach3 machine controller which accepts G81 and G83 drilling macros.

I think one of the Carbide crew has mentioned possibly adding a facing wizard to CM.

Here is the STL I use as the base for SpoilVices.
The holes match the spoil board that comes with the Nomad.

Nomad Wasteboard.stl (48.5 KB)

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