Setting Up Wiring Harness for my Shapeoko 3, what goes where?

So I have bolted the top of the Harness to the Left Y rail as it stated. So now I would lay the other part of this on the X rail? The directions are somewhat unclear on this to me. If theres a video guide for the harness placement specifically that would be awesome.

Yes. I would hope everything is covered at:

The community has been maintaining a list of assembly videos: but I don’t know of any done since we started shipping the pre-assembled wiring harness.

okay but just to be clear, there is 1 track on the left Y rail and the other track on the X rail correct?

Correct. the drag chain starts at the controller (attached by a patch of VHB), goes to the front of the machine, curling up to connect to a bracket on the left gantry plate, then the wires split w/ some going to the Y-axis motors and plates and others going through the drag chain along the X-axis up to a bracket on the carriage.