Setup Bitsetter

Does anyone else have to initialize the bitsetter everytime they turn the machine back on? Is that right?I’m also getting a “probing failed” error. Im using a 5 Pro.

It should only need to be configured once, thereafter it can be enabled/disabled using the checkbox, and at need removed.

Does it work for the initial probing? How high is your spindle mounted? What length tool are you trying to probe with?

It does not work on initial probe. It goes the the exact location, then goes down to probe, but then just freezes until a get the probe error. From the start, i was initializing without the bitsetter. Then I would jog the machine to the location, enable it on settings and initialize again. This worked for a while then just stopped working.

Let us know about this at and we’ll do our best to get it sorted out.

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