Shape ok or xxl zplus

Just got my machine together. So excited, then I went to initialize machine and the motor just grinds and I get a homing error. I checked the proximity switches and they all turn red when I hold metal up to them. If I move the Z carriage all the way up(when machine is off) then try again it moves down a bit them same homing error. Can anyone help. I’m new to all of this.

Did you send a config? See Will Adams post: Setting Grbl Configuration in CM 517 and later

You power on Shapeoko and connect, do not home, then go to settings and follow directions in above post. Then try to home. You have to set up what kind of machine you have, type of Z axis you have and if you have BitSetter, BitRunner. BitZero does not have a configuration.


Yep. Done and works perfectly

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