Shapeko Pro Wasteboard Template

Hello all. Before I look to build one, I thought I’d ask if there was a design for the Shapeoko Pro MDF waste board slats. Mostly the drill guides.

Shouldn’t be hard to make, but don’t want to re-invent the wheel. I think I’m getting close to wanting to make some new ones.

Thank you. I couldn’t find anything on the Shapeoko Pro forums concerning this, but I could have missed it.


Do the numbers at:


Please let us know about this at and we’ll get some files up.

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This is a great question, and I would be interested in this file too. I am brand new to CNC. I want to have the Wasteboard in place before I start any “real” cutting, but I don’t want to screw this part up. I would like to follow the approach I saw in a video from Winston where he drives the EZ Lok threads in from the back of the board.

Very helpful, thank you Will.

I was thinking I’d cut a piece of 3/4" MDF to fix my Pro XL, and the have the machine create the holes and cut the slats out.

I think it would be very helpful to people if they could make the waste board on their Shakeoko Pro then just slide them in and screw them down. (I’m guessing you already have this as I doubt you are cutting them by and on your end end :slight_smile: )

When you post the files, please let us know!

Very much appreciated.



Not sure if this would help, but I figured out the spacing of the drill holes when I made my corner square

Vcarve files linked there

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Would you mind sharing the dimensions for the spacing of those holes? I do not have V-Carve and am unable to open up that file.