Shapeoco Pro waste Board

I need some help…I want to convert my Shapeco XXL waste table to the type table that the Shapeco Pro machine has. I have the T slots and a sheet of MDF, but now I have to cut to size each piece of MDF, can someone tell me the size of each piece?..I see in picture the Pro has 10 pieces of MDF plus the tracks, but I can’t figure out how wide each piece of MDF is. Can someone tell me the width of each piece? Thanks

You should be able to rake the total width you need, subtract the width of the track x 9, and then divide the remainder by 10. So if you need 30" total and the tracks are 0.5" you would multiply 0.5" x 9 = 4.5". 30" - 4.5" = 25.5". Then 25.5" divided by 10 = 2.55" each

I believe in the video Winston mentions center of track to center of track is either 3 in or 75 mm. If you scrub through the video you should find the exact dimension. Then do the math suggested by @ctdodge to get the MDF width. I would suggest leaving a very fine gap so installing new pieces of MDF is easier. Talking about a paper thickness or so.

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