Shapeoko 3 Bed DXF

Is there a DXF out there for a replacement bed for the Shapeoko 3 Standard? I’m looking to cut a new one out at work and figured this is something that probably already exists so I shouldn’t need to measure and draw it out myself.

The official files for this are at:

Specifically for the Standard:

That’s the wasteboard that is supposed to go on top of the 2 piece (split down the middle) 1/2" “table”, correct? I’m looking for a drawing of the “table”. I suppose I could have been clearer with that. The previous owner cut into it without a wasteboard.

No, that replaces the old two-piece split MDF on the Launch edition machines — after those we dispensed w/ the cross-straps and went w/ a single piece of MDF for the Standard and XL size machines.

is there a DXF file? I’m trying to have an aluminum bed made and the local machinist is asking for a DXF or 3d Model file.

There is a PDF of the threaded table:


for a link to an Autodesk Fusion 360 model.

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