Shapeoko 3 / Carbide3D at Minneapolis Maker Faire?

The Minneapolis Maker Faire is May 14th this year. Applications for makers are being accepted until April 15th. I just learned about it today. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about carting my S3 to the faire and showing it off if no one else is going to do so already.

I have a few questions though:

  • Does Carbide3D have any plans to exhibit already? If not, would they be interested in sending me brochures or flyers to hand out? Is there a video I could play on a loop on a laptop?
  • What should I do to show off the machine? I think actual milling is out of the question due to safety and noise concerns. I could have it just run air-cuts with no bit, but that’s boring. I don’t know if I can get a drag knife working before the show. I could maybe draw the Carbide 3D logo on business card stock. Thoughts?
  • I have some sample work I can bring to show what the machine is capable of. Maybe instead of a video I could have a slideshow of things people have made? Anybody interested in sending me some photos and we could have a slideshow that everyone could use at Maker Faires?

What do people think about this?

Well, we did a flier / brochure for the SO2, but never made use of it. — arguably it should be updated for the SO3.

Drag knife ought to be easy:

Drawing the Carbide 3D logo on a blank business card would be quite cool.

I’ve tried to put photos of everything I’ve made in the Projects area:

@edwardrford Is there a high-resolution photo of the S3 that I can submit with my application?

Play music and have examples of items made on the machine?