Shapeoko 3 cutting at half size

Hey folks. I tried to self service using, but the article doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve attempted to cut a small 2.5" box on my shapeoko 3, but it’s coming out way under 2". I checked the steps and $100, $101, $102 are set at 40. I feel like if I calibrate the adjustment will be quite a bit more. What else could it be?

Do you have an older machine? Does your board have DIP switches? If so, are they set to 4x? Please change them to 8x.

If that’s not the case, please check your board revision number and let us know at and we’ll look into this with you.


Thanks. I probably do as I was part of the original kickstarter. I’ll give that a shot. I never really got the machine set up due to space issues at my old place. Thanks Will! I’m glad you’re still around helping. I see your helpfulness on pretty much every thread.

Here is my board and the DIP switch settings

Yep, power down and toggle the micro-switch settings over to 8x, then when you power up things should match up.


Will give that a shot. By looking at it I thought it was already switched to 8x. Appreciate it.

Looks like you’re correct there — please drop us a line at and we can look into this.

Until then, I’d suggest trying setting the steps / mm to 20 instead.

Thanks. I switched just incase and ran the job again.

You can see the smaller boxes pre the adjustment. Then afterwards the giant squares were post switch flipping. It also flies! Super aggressive speeds. I’ll shoot y’all an email.

Emailed. Thanks again Will.

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